June 2015 Youth of the Month Announcements

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls is proud to announce July Youths of the Month. Giovanni Anguiano, of the Southwest Branch, is the Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month. Gracie Lopez, of the Southeast Branch, is the Optimist Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month. Tearyn Holliman, of the Southeast Branch, is the Rotary Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month.

Service clubs sponsor three age divisions. Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls sponsors 6-8 year olds. Optimist of Wichita Falls sponsors 9-11 year olds. Rotary Club of Wichita Falls sponsors 12-18 year olds.

Interviewers were Kathie Forehand-Chaddick representing the Rotary Club of WF and Colby Schwartz representing the Optimist Club of WF considered the following attributes while selecting the City Wide Youths of the Month:

  • Home & Family Involvement
  • Community Contributions
  • Academic Achievements
  • Boys & Girls Club participation
  • Spiritual Values

Nominees for the Kiwanis Division included:

  • Cayven Hull, Rosewood Branch
  • Indi Williams, Northeast Branch
  • Jermaine Smith, Northwest Branch
  • Ashleign Demeritt, Southeast Branch
  • Giovanni Anguiano, Southwest Branch
  • Christian Brower, Central Branch

Nominees for the Optimist Division included:

  • Olexia Williams, Central Branch
  • Melanie Daniels, Northwest Branch
  • Gracie       Lopez, Southeast Branch
  • Alexander Schwartz, Southwest Branch
  • Ean Beasley, Northeast Branch
  • Albright       Nzeh-biko, Rosewood Branch

Nominees for the Rotary Division included:

  • Dontrayl Harris, Rosewood Branch
  • Terrence Williams, Northeast Branch
  • Derieses Colbert, Northwest Branch
  • Tearyn Holliman, Southeast Branch
  • Michael       Ocaziones, Southwest Branch
  • Kadayshean Wade, Central Branch

Generous sponsors include: Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Times/Record News

Giovanni AnguiannoGiovanni Aguiano is the 7 year old son of Guadalupe & Adela Anguiano. He attends the Southwest Branch where Ms. Tori Smith is Club Director.

Giovanni has two brothers, ages 3 and 10. Giovanni is good about keeping his room clean and helping with the house work. Additional duties include helping in the yard, taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and helping with the care of family’s pet. He helps keep up with his 3 year old brother.

This young man attends Ben Milam Elementary as a 2nd grade student where he proudly maintains straight A’s on his report card. He enjoys Mathematics and says, “school is important it helps me learn!”

Giovanni attends Heritage Assembly of God Church where he is in the youth group and attends Children’s Church.

As a Boys & Girls Club kid, Giovanni enjoys Triple Play Challenges, Club Tech, Power Hour, and is showing early signs of leadership skills.

Director Tori Smith said, “Giovanni is helpful, honest, and respectful.”

Gracie LopezGracie is the 10 year old daughter of Manuel and Cassie Lopez. She attends the Southeast Branch of the Boys & Girls Club where Mrs. Charlene Vomastek is Director.

Gracie has one sister and three brothers. Gracie can be found helping with the house work, looking out for her 2 younger siblings, and resolving disagreements that sometimes arise.  She also helps by keeping her room clean, helping with kitchen duties, and helps her sisters complete homework assignments. She also puts the trash out on pick up days.

As a 5th grader at Southern Hills Elementary, Gracie maintains an A-average. English is her favorite subject and she participates in Student Council. Gracie said, “I believe school is important because it helps you learn.”

Gracie has been a Boys & Girls Club member for the past two years and participates in the Learning/Tech Center, games room, and the Creative Center. She participates in Project Learn, Power Hour, Club Tech, and the gym is her favorite area. She is a member so the Smart Girls group.

Director Charlene Vomastek said, “Gracie’s good conduct while at the Club & school make her an excellent candidate for the Youth of the Month Program!”

Tearyn HollimanTearyn Holliman is the 13 year old granddaughter of Julata Brooks. She attends the Southeast Branch of the Boys & Girls Club where Mrs. Charlene Vomastek is Director.

Tearyn has two younger sisters and four brothers. Tearyn helps with all of the housework.  She helps with meal preparations and the cleaning afterwards. She is frequently called on to help keep up with her younger sisters. She also takes out the trash for pick up and helps elderly family members.

Tearyn has attended Mount Pleasant, a Baptist Church, for the past 7 years. She is a very morally upright young woman and chooses to do the right things based on her spiritual beliefs. She attends Sunday school, choir, and helps in the Nursery. Tearyn traveled with the Praise, Dance, Mime, and Scripture teams to compete. Tearyn has also, as a civic-minded teenager, been active at the annual Teens Make a Difference.

Tearyn is a student at Kirby Leadership Academy where she is an 8th grade student and maintaining a 3.5 + GPA. Her favorite subject is Mathematics. She is in the school’s student council and choir. Tearyn said, “I believe school is important because you learn new things and receive a great education.

As a Club kid, Tearyn has been involved in a variety of Club Programs over several years of membership including the Photography & Fine Arts Programs, Torch and Keystone Clubs, Junior Staff, Club Tech, Power Hour, and reading programs. She has also been a participant in Smart Moves, Triple Play Challenges, Healthy Habits, and swimming. Tearyn has enjoyed programs while attending Graham Ball Summer Camp at Lake Kickapoo.

Club Director Charlene Vomastek said, “Tearyn is resilient, hard-working, and very forgiving!”

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