Currently the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls serves the community with a total of six clubs located at all corners of town. To help better serve our more disadvantaged youth, two clubs service the community in our lowest income area.

All clubs have a computer lab located in the learning center consisting of 10 internet accessible computers. Classes on the computers are offered to members at scheduled times. All clubs have a collection of books available for members for homework research as well as entertainment. All clubs offer games such as pool, foosball, carpet bowling, basketball, and board games. Six of our clubs have gym facilities. Our Central Club has a large heated indoor swimming pool. The Central and Northwest Clubs have a large multipurpose fields at their disposal.

We also have at our disposal the Athletics Complex at Lake Wichita Park with three football fields.

In addition to the eight clubs we also operate a camp, Camp Graham Ball, which members utilize during the summer months. At camp members can enjoy the outdoors and participate in activities such as fishing, archery, and swimming. Members can ride paddle boats or hay rides. Members even learn about local wildlife and are taught how to identify them. As part of camping tradition we also have campfires, marshmallows, and storytelling. For adults looking for an outdoor experience the camp is also available for rent when not in use for club events.

All of our facilities are available for rent during non-program hours. Booking times and rental fee information is available at our Administrative Offices.