November 2013 Youth of the Month Announcements

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls is proud to announce September Youths of the Month. Olivia Palacios, of the Central Branch, is the Kiwanis Club of WF-Youth of the Month. Amaia Martin, from the Southwest Branch, is the Optimist Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month. Vincent Rodriguez, representing the Southeast Branch, is the Rotary Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month.

Service clubs sponsor three age divisions. Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls sponsors 6-8 year olds. Optimist of Wichita Falls sponsors 9-11 year olds. Rotary Club of Wichita Falls sponsors 12-18 year olds.

Interviewers Rod Tieken (Rotary Club of Wichita Falls) and Paul Hopkins (Optimist Club of Wichita Falls) considered the following attributes while selecting the City Wide Youths of the Month:

  • Home & Family Involvement 
  • Community Contributions 
  • Academic Achievements 
  • Boys & Girls Club participation 
  • Spiritual Values

Nominees for the Kiwanis Division included:

  • Dakota Newton, Rosewood Branch
  • Issac Sims, Northeast Branch
  • Jayla Davis, Northwest Branch
  • Olivia Palacios, Central Branch
  • Deon Harrison, Southeast Branch
  • Aaliyah Hudson, Southwest Branch

Nominees for the Optimist Division included:

  • Derrick Newton, Rosewood Branch
  • Hannah Pollard, Northeast Branch
  • Ty’Janae Coody, Northwest Branch
  • Sumer Bateman, Central Branch
  • Jesse Land, Southeast Branch
  • Amaia Martin, Southwest Branch

Nominees for the Rotary Division included:

  • Brandy Holt, Rosewood Branch
  • Bethany Janes, Northeast Branch
  • Jimothy Chase Bobo, Northwest Branch
  • Vincent Rodriquez, Southeast Branch
  • Austin Patterson, Southwest Branch

Generous sponsors include: Chicken Express, Taco Casa and Times/Record News

Olivia_Placios_2013Olivia is a 2nd grade student at Alamo Elementary and keeps an A average report card. Her favorite class is Mathematics. She feels that school is important “because you learn there!”

Olivia has been attending the Central Branch for two years. She enjoys arts and crafts and making bracelets and key chains which she takes home to give to her mom and dad. She is involved in Power Hour Homework help. Olivia is also in Learning Center daily as a Power Hour and Club Tech member where she takes advantage of learning opportunities provided by internet accessible computers. She is also active in the Reading Program, swimming in the pool, and Triple Play in the gyms!

Branch Director Barbara Green said, “Olivia is an outstanding young lady with a big, beautiful smile and who loves to make others laugh!”

Olivia is the 8 year old daughter of Anthony & Melissa Palacios. She attends the Central Branch where Ms. Barbara Green is the Club Director.

Olivia has two older sisters. She helps with many household chores including keeping her room clean and helping with the rest of the house. Olivia helps her mom in the kitchen with washing dishes and takes out the trash regularly. She also helps in with the yard work and taking care of the family dog.

Amaia_Martin_2013Amaia Martin is the 11 year old daughter of Stacy Bailey. She attends the Southwest Branch of the Boys & Girls Club where Mrs. Tori Smith is Director. Amaia has one sister and one brother. She is a big help to his mother and father. Some of her responsibilities include helping with the kitchen duties, household cleaning, and keeping her room picked up. Amaia works in the yard and takes out the trash. She also shares in the care of the family’s dog feeding and watering him.
Amaia has been attending the Heritage Assembly of God for the past nine years and has been involved in the choir and is a member of the youth group, Mpact. She also participates with the Children’s Church.

As a 6th grader at Jefferson Elementary School, Amaia maintains an A/B Average and says she enjoys both Math and Social Studies. She has been a choir member for three years and is on the JAV team. Amaia was a Safety Patrol member for two years. She plans to attend college to attain a Masters level degree and would like to be a teacher someday.
Amaia has been a Boys & Girls Club member for the past five years and is involved in various programs and activities including volleyball, kickball and basketball, bumper pool, carpet bowling, and Ping-Pong tournaments. She loves assuming the leadership role of a Junior Staffer in the Learning Center and is a peer leader in the Club Tech Program.

Amaia especially enjoys Smart Moves, Power Hour, and participating in Healthy Habits programming. As a Torch Club member, she has been involved in numerous community service events such as Night in a Box as well as helping at the Humane Society. She is also a helper in the Kids’ Café Food Program.
Director Tori Smith said, “Amaia is always very mature and can handle any task. She has always been a helper!”

Vincent_Rodriguez_2013Vincent Rodriguez is the 17 year old son of Michael and Estella Rodriguez. He has four sisters.

Vincent is an eleven year veteran member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls where he has achieved and excelled at the Southeast Branch. His list of involvement includes football, indoor soccer, all gym activities, Torch and Keystone leadership clubs, Power Hour, Tutorial Program, Smart Moves Program, Passport To Manhood, Money Matters, Career Launch, and Triple Play Healthy Habits to name a few. Other events that he has participated in annually are the Dove and Deer Hunts, Project Pride, Elks Hoop Shoot, Optimist Tri-Star, Summer Camp at Camp Graham Ball, and the annual Christmas Party.

Vincent goes to St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church where he serves as an usher and is on the Baptism Committee. He has also served in the Vacation Bible School. As a Torch and Keystone Club member, he has served his community as a member of the Teens Make A Difference Day, Neighborhood Watch program, Relay for Life, Race for the Cure, and Highway Cleanups.
Vincent is a senior at Burkburnett High School and is maintaining a 4.36 GPA. He is a member of UIL and NHS. His favorite subject is Mathematics and he enjoys serving as a tutor after school. Vincent is a track team member and is on the Cross Country and soccer teams. He hopes to go to Culinary Art Institute where he will become a chef and business manager.
Branch Director Ms. Charlene Vomastek said, “Vincent is a positive young man who makes every effort to help those around him!”

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