August 2017 Youth of the Month Announcements

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls is proud to announce August’s Youths of the Month. Trinity Hudson, of the Southeast Branch, is selected for the Kiwanis category for Youth of the Month. Alexis Johnson, of the Central Branch, is the Optimist candidate. Christopher Easter, of the Rosewood Branch, has been selected to represent as the Rotary Candidate for the Youth of the Month.

The Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls sponsors youth members, ages 6-8, in the Youth of the Month Program. The Optimist of Wichita Falls sponsors our 9-12 year old members, and the Rotary Club of Wichita Falls sponsors the 13-18 year old youth. Each Boys & Girls Club location will submit one youth member each month, from each age category, to compete for the City Wide titles! The youth featured in our monthly articles are the City Wide Winners and will be recognized during each of these Service Club’s August luncheons.

Interviewers Dwayne Davis, Rotary Club of Wichita Falls, and Barbara Lyne, Optimist Club of Wichita Falls, considered the following categories while selecting the City Wide Youths of the Month:
1. Home & Family involvement
2. Community contributions
3. Academic achievements
4. Boys & Girls Club participation
5. Spiritual values

Nominees for the Kiwanis Division included:
• Q’Nhaurie Sumpter, Rosewood Branch
• Kameea Brown, Northwest Branch
Jahncarlo Ruiz, Southwest Branch
• Trinity Hudson, Southeast Branch
• Miranda Escobedo, Central Branch

Nominees for the Optimist Division included:
K’Aaliyah Mitchell, Rosewood Branch
Brandaja Copeland, Northwest Branch
Abigail Anderson, Southwest Branch
Noe Hernandez, Southeast Branch
*Alexis Johnson, Central Branch

Nominees for the Rotary Division included:
*Christopher Easter, Rosewood Branch
• Jahiem Quarles, Northwest Branch
• Dashawn Jefferson, Southwest Branch
• Tre McKenzie, Southeast Branch

Generous sponsors for July include: Marco’s Pizza and Times/Record News

Trinity Hudson is the 6 year old daughter of Scott and Rebecca Hudson. Trinity attends the Southeast  Branch where Ms. Joycelyn Downing is Club Director.

Trinity loves to help her mom around the house. She does so in various ways such as keeping her room clean, helping care for the family’s two dogs, helping to cook meals, washing dishes, tending the yard, and even taking out the trash! Trinity is a very helpful young lady.

Going into the 1st grade, Trinity works hard to maintain her straight A’s average. She says her reading class is her favorite and believes school is important because “I just love school!”

Trinity enjoys going to the Boys & Girls Club very much. While attending the Club, she enjoys Arts and Crafts and has even won awards in the Fine Arts program. She participates in Club Tech, Power Hour Homework Club, Reading Club, and Triple Play Challenges in the gym. She looks forward to swimming at Central’s swimming pool during the hot summer months.

Several of her Club staff members had wonderful things to say about Trinity. Club Director, Joycelyn Downing said, “Trinity is the all-around good kid. She doesn’t get in trouble, is very likeable, and follows the staff instructions. Everyone loves her!”

Alexis Johnson is the 12-year old daughter of Melissa Johnson. She helps out around the home by working hard to keep her room clean and organized, cooking meals, washing the dishes, and she helps to take care of the family pet. Alexis has even been known to put out the trash!

Alexis is a 7th grade student in a homeschool program, maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA. Math is her favorite subject and she likes to participate in homeschool basketball, soccer, and volleyball. She believes school is important and states, “School will help me to be a successful person!” Alexis wants to go to Midwestern State University, obtain her Master’s Degree, and become a Veterinarian.

Alexis is also an active member within the Church as well as the community. She attends services every week by church bus and has spread her faithful influence into the community through the Straight Street Program.

Alexis’ home club is the Central Branch where Ms. Barbara Green is the Club Director. She has been going to the Boys & Girls Club for two years. During this time, she has been very active in the Learning Center, Art Center, and Gym. Alexis participates in basketball leagues, Power Hour, Club Tech, Arts and Crafts, Photography Club, Reading Club, and the Smart Girls Program. She is also in the Torch Club Leadership Program, Triple Play Healthy Habits and Challenges in the gym, and loves to go to Camp Graham Ball during the summer. Finally, she is a previous Youth of the Month and continues to maintain her good status within the Club.

Director Ms. Green states, “Alexis is a lively and joyous youth who is positive, loves to share what she learns at the Club, and is excited when she is helping out other youth!”

Christopher Easter is a member of the Rosewood Branch where Mr. Rick Taylor is the Director. He is the 15 year old son of Darren and Mary Easter. He helps out his family at home by cleaning his room, cooking meals, helps keep the yard presentable, and he washes the family’s dishes. Christopher also takes out the trash, helps his mother with her child entertainment business, and he helps take care of the family dog.

Christopher is a 10th grader at Hirschi High School with a 2.5 GPA. His favorite subject is English! He is a member of the Drama Program. He keeps busy in sports where he participates in Track & Field, football, basketball, and the Cross Country teams. Christopher would like to obtain his Bachelor’s degree from LSU, and then enter into the Air Force as an officer. Christopher states that, “School is important because it allows you more opportunities and a better life.”

Christopher is an active member in his church and community. He enjoys attending services with his parents. He is active in the Church by serving as an usher as well as assisting with the church finances and banking! He is also involved with parks & recreations activities, referees for the City Soccer Leagues, the YMCA, the YOC, Teens Make a Difference Day, and Straight Street Ministries.

Christopher is an active member and role model within his Boys & Girls Club. Some of his favorite programs include Arts & Crafts, Club Tech, Power Hour, and the Photography program. He also serves as a Peer Leader, a Junior Staff, and participates in the Smart Moves Program, Reading Program, Goals for Growth, and the Triple Play Challenges, and Healthy Habits Programs. As if he weren’t busy enough, Christopher can also be found participating in the Passport to Manhood Program, basketball, and is a Summer Youth Counselor at Camp Graham Ball!

Club Director Rick Taylor says, “Christopher is quiet, but a strong leader. He interacts well with his peers, the younger members look up to him, and he loves to mentor younger members in basketball and reading.”