May 2014 Youth of the Month Announcements

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls is proud to announce February Youths of the Month. Devin Mims, from the Rosewood Branch, is selected as the Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month. Alisia Corona, fromthe Central Branch, is the Optimist Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month. Amber Palmer, from the Southwest Branch, is the Rotary Club of Wichita Falls Youth of the Month.

Service clubs sponsor three age divisions. Kiwanis Club of Wichita Falls, sponsors 6-8 year olds. Optimist of Wichita Falls, sponsors 9-11 year olds. Rotary Club of Wichita Falls sponsors 12-18 year olds.

Interviewers David Hampton(Rotary Club of Wichita Falls) and Cassie Ahearn (Optimist Club of Wichita Falls) considered the following attributes while selecting the City Wide Youths of the Month.

  • Home & Family Involvement
  • Community Contributions
  • Academic Achievements
  • Boys & Girls Club participation
  • Spiritual Values

Nominees for the Kiwanis Division included:

  • Devin Mims, Rosewood Branch
  • Justin Wheeler, Northeast Branch
  • Neela Diaz, Southeast Branch
  • Samuel Brooks,Central Branch
  • Deondre Shepherd,Southwest Branch
  • Mikinzi Royalty, Northwest Branch

Nominees for the Optimist Division included:

  • Jaelyn Washington, Rosewood Branch
  • Isidro Martinez, Northeast Branch
  • Ty’Janae Coody, Northwest Branch
  • Alesia Corona,Central Branch
  • Benjamin Carnley, Southeast Branch
  • Areanna Walsh, Southwest Branch

Nominees for the Rotary Division included:

  • Jalasia James, Rosewood Branch
  • Timothy Lonon, Northeast Branch
  • Keaziyah Kornegay, Northwest Branch
  • Adamaris Lozano,Southeast Branch
  • Amber Palmer,Southwest Branch

Generous sponsors include: Chicken Express and Times/Record News

Devin MimsDevin Mims is the 8 year old son of Johnny & Gloria Mims. He attends the Rosewood Branch where Mrs. Contina McNeely is Club Director.

Devin has four brothers and one sister. He is very helpful around the house and even enjoys helping with yard work. Additional duties include keeping his toys picked, taking care of the family dog, and taking out the trash. Devin also helps out with elderly family members.

Devin is has all an A/B average on his report card as a 2nd grade student at Washington/Jackson Elementary. His favorite class is math. He says going to school is important because “I need to learn!”

Devin has been attending the Rosewood Branch going on three years now. He loves to help staff with their duties and enjoys participating in a variety of programs to include the basketball, football, arts & crafts, reading and photography. Triple Play-Healthy Habits & Challenges are also on his list of enjoyable activities while at the club.

Branch Director Contina McNeely said, “Devin is always sharing his smile & being respectful.”

Alesia CoronaAlesia is the 11-year-old daughter of Tera Casillas. She attends the Central Branch of the Boys & Girls Club where Mrs. Barbara Green is Director.

Alesia has one brother who is 8 and a sister who is 10 years old that she helps her mom keep up with both. Other responsibilities at home include cleaning her room as well as helping her mom with the rest of the house. Alesia is very good in the kitchen by helping set up and take down after meals. She also provides care for “Dalila” the family dog. She also sees that the trash is put out for pick up each day.

Alesia has attended the Word of Faith for three years. She attends each Sunday accompanying her grandmother. She is also a member of the Sunday school.

As a 5th grader at Sam Houston Elementary School, Alesia maintains an A/B average. Art Class is her favorite subject because she enjoys using her creativity. She hopes to one day be an educator to help children learn.

Alesia has been a regular at the Boys & Girls Club for the past five years and is active in a variety of programs and activities. Her favorite past time is participating in the Arts and Crafts Program where she unleashes her creative talents through painting drawing and building models. Other programs that she enjoys include Smart Girls, Reading, Triple Play Challenges in the gym, and swimming at the Central Branch.

Director Barbara Green said, “Alesia is very respectful towards others and is always finding ways to help around the club!”

Amber PalmerAmber Palmer is an 18-year-old graduating Senior at Hirschi High School. She is the daughter of RoseMarie Loftin.

Amber is an ambitious young lady striving for the highest goals. As an eleven-year member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls, she has achieved and excelled in many areas. Amber has been selected to represent Wichita Falls as the Youth of the Year for four years by four different panels of judges.

Amber has been a member of the Torch and Keystone Clubs and served holding leadership offices in both community based service groups. She has performed over 90 plus community service activities over the past nine years. She is also a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs and can often be found mentoring youth and helping to run the front desk. She was one of two young people selected to represent Torch & Keystone Clubs through the People to People Student Ambassadors Program held in Australia and New Zealand during the summer of 2011. On a 4 point grading system, Amber has maintained a 4.22 GPA and is currently ranked 11th in her class. She enjoys being in the Hirschi Band and served as Junior and Senior Drum Major. She is in various clubs to include Theater and French Clubs. This is her third year of French Club. She is working towards her International Baccalaureate Diploma and is already working towards her future career goals. Amber has been accepted to the University of Texas.

Amber aspires to be a Pediatric Surgeon. She is currently taking courses at her school and will obtain her CNA license by the end of this school year.

Amber’s educational plans are to attend MSU eventually transferring to Marquette University to take Pre-Med curriculum. She is still deciding on where she will finish her Doctorate.

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